Referral program - Accounting Outsourcing Europe

Do you know an Accounting firm that would be interested in using our platform and services?

If so, you may refer this Accounting firm either as an individual, or on behalf of a Company, and earn commissions in the process.

Please simply send the path of our website to your contact and upon registration, ask your contact to input either your name (if this is an individual referral) or your Company’s name (if this is a referral on behalf of a Company) along with your e-mail address in the “Referral” fields of the Registration window.

If the registration and screening is successful, you as an individual (if this is an individual referral) or your Company (if this is a referral on behalf of a Company) will then be entitled to the following commissions:

Commissions on referrals

  • An individual or company successfully referring an Accounting firm to us shall get as a commission 35% of all the commissions we earn on this particular firm in the first 18 months from the date of registration. The 35% commission applies regardless of whether the referred Accounting firm is initiating a project or winning a project initiated by another firm, meaning that a referrer will get 35% of all commissions earned by us on all projects the firm referred initiates and another 35% on all projects initiated by other firms which the firm referred wins.

If you would like to receive additional information on our referral program, please feel free to reach out to us through the “Contact Us” section.

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