How it Works - Accounting Outsourcing Europe

Accounting firms can have many different reasons to outsource part of their work.

Be it a temporary shortage of staff, a desire to shift more resources to developing new clients, or whatever other reason, the way this platform works is simple.

How this platform works

1. Post a project

Accounting firms post jobs they wish to outsource and describe the project requirements, including the skills required, and the maximum budget.

2. Screen through applicants, and if satisfied, select a successful applicant

Once posted, these open projects become visible to other Accounting firms who can consult and apply for any open project they are interested in. At the time of applying, applicants will submit a bid price for completing the project.

The list of applicants is visible to the project initiator who can then decide whether to outsource the project to one of the applicants, and, if applicable, designates the successful applicant on the platform.

From then onwards, all the steps that follow are carried out outside the platform and outside the scope of Accounting Outsourcing Europe’s services.

3. Agree on the terms of your future collaboration

Once an applicant is chosen, both the project initiator and the successful applicant can agree on, and formalize, the terms of their future collaboration through a service agreement.

4. Start collaborating

Upon completion of the service agreement, both parties can start collaborating on the engagement.

Direct Assistance from our Team

As an alternative to posting a project on our website, you may also, through the “Contact Us” page, seek our direct assistance in finding Accounting firms in Europe with whom to collaborate.

In such scenario, we may take a more active role in your search of Accounting firms with whom to collaborate, such as collecting your search criteria, contacting prospects, and presenting prospects to you.

Pricing policy

No upfront or subscription fee. Minimal fee charged only to applicants winning a project.

After a project is posted, and during the bidding stage, the project initiator and the successful applicant will agree on a project completion price, i.e. the price paid to the successful applicant for completing the project.

Upon winning a project, the successful applicant will be invoiced a service charge by Accounting Outsourcing Europe, amounting to 1% of the project completion price, with a minimum charge of EUR 50. No service charge shall be due by the project initiator, i.e. the party posting the project.

If Accounting Outsourcing Europe’s direct assistance service is used, the service charge shall still amount to 1% of the project completion price, at the charge of the successful applicant, but the minimum charge shall be EUR 200.

All payments will be made outside the platform, by ordinary bank transfer, as Accounting Outsourcing Europe does not offer escrow services at the time.

What makes this platform appealing

  • Gain access to a pool of Accounting firms spread all over Europe, with diverse sets of skills, or projects to outsource.
  • Get the job done by applicants with the right set of skills, or easily find projects that match your skills, thanks to our in-built list of skills and filters.
  • Find professionals you can trust by reading their profile reviews and past experience track.
  • Give yourself more time to assess potential future partners with a compulsory 3-months trial period on all projects posted through this platform.
  • Use this platform free of charge to post as many projects as you want, and pay a minimal service charge of 1% of project price, only upon winning a project. Should either party choose to discontinue the collaboration during the Trial Period, this service charge, less a minimum charge of EUR 50, is refundable to you on demand.

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